Everlyse Cabrera 9 * CRITICAL MISSING * Las Vegas, Nevada

Everlyse Cabrera
Everlyse Cabrera

AGE: 9

SEX: Female

RACE: Hispanic

HAIR:  Black

EYES: Brown

HEIGHT: 2’6” (76 cm)

WEIGHT: 25 lbs (11 kg)

WEARING: Pink shorts, pink shirt


Everlyse went missing from her foster home in the 6500 block of Diamond Point Court. The foster parents, Manuel and Vilma Carrascal, claimed Everlyse pushed a stool over to the door, climbed it, unlocked the deadbolt lock, moved the stool out of the way, opened the door and walked out during the night.

No one is sure of the exact date that anyone other than her foster parents had seen little Everlyse.


MISSING SINCE: June 10, 2006

MISSING FROM: North Las Vegas, Nevada



North Las Vegas Police Department 702-633-9111

CRIME STOPPERS 702-385-5555




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