Wyatt Cole Little Light 4 – Endangered Missing – Billings, Montana

Wyatt Cole Little LightTeddy and Juliete
Wyatt Cole Little Light
Teddy and Juliete

AGE:  4

SEX: Male

RACE: American Indian, Crow

HAIR:  Brown

EYES: Brown

HEIGHT: 1’7” (48 cm)

WEIGHT: 15 lbs (7 kg)


Wyatt and his parents, Teddy and Juliet Toineeta Little Light, are all missing.  They did not attend a family member’s funeral on January 3, which is very out of character.

The Little Light’s 1995 Chevrolet pickup was located abandoned near Fort Smith.


MISSING SINCE: December 23, 2008

MISSING FROM: Billings, Montana




Teddy Little Light

SEX: Male

RACE: Native American, Crow

HAIR:  Dark brown

EYES: Brown

HEIGHT: 6’1”

WEIGHT: 180 lbs


Juliet Toineeta-Little Light

SEX: Female

RACE: Native American

HAIR:  Brown

EYES: Brown

HEIGHT: 5’6”

WEIGHT: 120 lbs



Crow Agency Police 406-638-2631

Bureau of Indian Affairs 406-638-2631





  1. pleasehelpmissingchildren

    Crow Agency family missing
    Jan 6 2009 12:37PM
    Associated Press
    Eds: APNewsNow.

    BILLINGS, Mont. (AP) Big Horn County officials searching for a missing Crow Agency family have found the family’s pickup truck in Fort Smith.

    The pickup was found Monday night.

    Officials are still looking for 30-year-old Teddy Little Light, 25-year-old Juliet Little Light and their 3-month-old son Wyatt.

    They were last seen on Dec. 23 at Teddy Little Light’s mother’s house in Crow Agency. Little Light said the family was going to Wyola. They were reported missing when they did not attend the funeral of Juliet’s grandmother on Saturday.

    Witnesses have reported seeing Teddy Little Light at a Billings tavern on New Year’s Eve.


  2. pleasehelpmissingchildren

    Pickup found, but relatives plead for help in finding missing family
    Anonymous tip leads officials to vehicle near Fort Smith

    Of The Gazette Staff

    HARDIN – Relatives of the missing Little Light family pleaded Tuesday for help in finding the couple and their 3-month-old son.

    Teddy Little Light, his wife, Juliet Toineeta Little Light, and their son, Wyatt, have not been seen since before Christmas.

    Concerned family members contacted the Big Horn County Sheriff’s Office and Bureau of Indian Affairs Law Enforcement, which are leading the search for the family.

    On Monday evening, investigators, following an anonymous tip, found the family’s 1995 Chevy pickup truck near Fort Smith.
    “We’re pleading with the general public,” family member Cedric Black Eagle said. “If they know anything or have seen them, call.”

    Black Eagle, who is related to both Toineeta and the Little Light family, was among about 40 relatives and friends who gathered for a press conference Tuesday at the Big Horn County Courthouse in Hardin.

    April Toineeta, Juliet’s aunt, sent a message to the couple.

    “To Juliet and Teddy, contact any one of us to let us know you’re OK, and if there is anything wrong, we can work through this,” she said.

    Officials do not believe foul play is involved in the family’s disappearance, Undersheriff Rondell Davis said.

    Teddy Little Light was last seen at his mom’s house in Crow Agency on Dec. 23, according to the Big Horn County Sheriff’s Office.

    LaTonna Little Light Long Soldier said her son stopped by to leave a Christmas gift for his 2-year-old son, whom she is helping raise. The little boy attended the press conference Tuesday wearing a bib that read “Daddy Rocks.”

    “I just hope they come home safe,” Long Soldier said.

    There are unconfirmed reports of Teddy being seen around New Year’s Eve at Lee’s Bar in Billings and also of Juliet being seen Dec. 27 at Kohl’s. Big Horn County deputies followed a tip and checked the Montana Rescue Mission on Monday, but Teddy was not located, Davis said.

    Juliet last worked at Associated Foods and Little Light was working construction with a flooring company, relatives said. Both are members of the Crow Tribe, with strong ties and extended families on the reservation, relatives said. They moved to Billings for work and had lived with a number of relatives while getting on their feet.

    Both families said the couple usually stayed in contact.

    “It’s not like him to not check in,” Theodore Little Light said.

    And, relatives said, the couple has never been shy about asking for assistance in times of need. April Toineeta said her niece “thinks of everybody as her relative,” even if people aren’t blood relations.

    “She wasn’t afraid to ask for help,” April Toineeta said.

    The families thought it was odd that the Little Lights didn’t contact them during Christmas but did not become overly worried.

    Juliet’s grandmother, Edith Red Wolf, was terminally ill and died on Dec. 29. The family started trying to find the couple then, and concern grew when they couldn’t be located, according to another of Juliet’s aunts, Audrey Black Eagle.

    Their concern erupted when Juliet missed her grandmother’s Jan. 3 funeral. That was abnormal, not only because of how close the women were, but it is expected and essential in Crow family culture to attend a family member’s funeral.

    “That was the red flag right there. That pretty much raised the suspicions that something was wrong,” Davis said.

    Both families said they are remaining positive and keeping faith that the young family is OK.

    “God willing that they call and let someone know they are OK – for the benefit of both families,” said Shobe Little Light, who is Teddy’s uncle. “We’re leaving them in God’s hands.”

    Meanwhile, searchers on foot and four-wheelers “saturated” the area around where the couple’s pickup was found, Davis said.

    On Monday about 7 p.m., officials received an anonymous call about the location of the pickup. Police found the truck on Grapevine Road, an unimproved road off Highway 91 that leads toward Fort Smith, and have been searching in the area.

    April Toineeta said the family thinks it is odd that the couple were in that area.

    There was no sign of an accident or trouble with the vehicle, which appeared to be parked and abandoned, Davis said. He described the area as wide-open prairie land. The area has patchy snow and snow drifts.

    Members of the sheriff’s department, the Bureau of Indian Affairs and the Crow Tribe Fish and Game Department have joined in the search.

    Family members describe the couple as outgoing and said they may be seen in a social setting such as an athletic event.

    Teddy Little Light, 30, is described as 6 feet, 1 inch tall and 180 pounds with brown eyes and a small amount of facial hair. He has dark brown hair that is cut short.

    Juliet Toineeta Little Light, 25, is 5 feet, 6 inches tall and 120 pounds, with light brown hair and brown eyes. She has pierced ears.

    Officials encourage anyone with information about the missing family to contact law enforcement officials.

    “Even if you think it’s a very far off chance, it might be something,” sheriff’s office dispatcher Kim Satko said.

    Law enforcement will accept anonymous tips. The Big Horn County Sheriff’s office can be reached at 665-9780. Crow Agency police can be reached at 638-2631. Or call your local law enforcement agency.


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