Morgan Keyanna Martin 20 * CRITICAL MISSING ALERT * St. Petersburg, Florida

Morgan Keyanna Martin


AGE:  20

SEX:  Female

RACE:  White/Hispanic

HAIR:  Black

EYES:  Brown

HEIGHT:  5’02”

WEIGHT:  175 lbs

SCARS:  Chin, left side of lip

WEARING:  Hot pink hooded jacket w/fur around collar, gray sweatpants, pink fuzzy slippers


When Morgan was last seen, she was pregnant.

Morgan was last seen at her home in the 2800 block of 17th Avenue South around midnight.  She told family she was leaving to meet with the baby’s father, taking only her cell phone, which has remained inactive.  Morgan left behind her purse and ID.  Morgan has not used her social networking site.

MISSING SINCE:   July 25, 2012

MISSING FROM:  St. Petersburg, Florida


St. Petersburg Police Department 727-893-7780


FDLE 888-356-4774


Morgan Keyanna Martin was a 17-year-old pregnant teen when she disappeared.  Looking forward to her future, Morgan saved the sonogram photo of her 4-month-old fetus. 

On July 25, 2012,  around midnight, Morgan went to meet with her “boyfriend” right outside her home in the 2800 block of 17th Avenue South.  She wanted to tell 25-year-old Jacobee Flowers from Kansas City, the gender of their baby.  Seeing Morgan at the car, speaking with the occupant, was the last time Morgan’s sister saw her.  Since that night, Morgan’s family, friends, and community, suffer an indescribable loss.

According to reports, Flowers has said he had nothing to do with Morgan that night.  And now the poor accused ‘man’ has to tolerate ‘this’ (a child’s disappearance, his supposed girlfriend) EVERY July.  Poor BOY.  Personally, I don’t buy a word that comes from this pervert.

Morgan may still be out there, somewhere.  I’d put money on the obvious, that Flowers knows exactly what happened and where Morgan is.  Unfortunately, ‘adults’, who mess with children, tend to never “MAN-UP.”  In my opinion, the BOY who ripped Morgan from her family, is nothing but a coward.  

I pray for Morgan and her little one.  For her family, friends, community, and especially Law Enforcement involved in Morgan’s disappearance.  And I pray for Mercy, a heart of integrity and honesty, and for that BOY to become a MAN.

I also pray for forgiveness from God for laying out my feelings about the perpetrator.

MORE photos at “Hope for Morgan Martin” FB page:


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